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Machine Safety Success Story

A manufacturer contacted IAC after one of their employees suffered a severe injury. The safety concerns with this large machine required an innovative solution, as this was a complex machine.  The existing machine had three separate functions, with safety concerns at each stage.    After considering a number of possible solutions, IAC implemented a “Safety Relay” which we refer to as a “Safety PLC.” 

This solution provides an interface with each of the three functions. This approach activates the safety devices only where needed, rather than a typical safety solution where an entire machine is shut down when safety is compromised.   By creating a solution that does not require a complete shut down, IAC is saving the manufacturer time and money, while maintaining the highest safety standards.
IAC developed a comprehensive plan that not only addressed the safety concerns, but was also innovative. We successfully implemented the design and assisted in the start-up. IAC continues to design and modify existing equipment for this manufacturer across North America. 
IAC’s number of repeat customers is a testament to our creative approach. IAC works with customers from concept to implementation and beyond. Our cost saving, time saving, and safety strategies separate IAC from competitors who only think “inside the box.”   


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