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Industrial Automation Controls is Knowledge

Our experience is unparalleled.   Believe us when we say, "We've seen it all."

There is no problem we can't solve.  IAC provides customers with solutions. We know pneumatics and electrical like few other companies do.  We know how to solve problems, create new equipment, retrofit existing equipment, and very often provide a customer with a solution they never even considered.   


Industrial Automation Controls is Value-Add

IAC created a value-added niche beyond the expanding "box-in, box-out" distributor.  As manufacturing facilities began streamlining, production enhancements and maintenance became more and more complex. In-house labor also became increasingly costly.  Manufacturers were not interested in building or retrofitting their own machines.  Small shops lacked the skilled labor to complete these tasks. 

Recognizing these changes within the industry, IAC was established.  Starting with small assemblies, IAC was able to illustrate the value-add created by not simply being a "box-in, box-out" distributor.  As our reputation grew so did our projects.  Helping customers with turn-key solutions remains IAC's goal. 

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