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Two-Hand Anti-tiedown
IAC Series 21000 are two-hand anti-tie down controls.  When used, they provide safer operation of air presses, drill fixtures, clamping fixtures, cylinders, valves, and light assembly equipment.                                



IAC 21000 series control systems are 4” x 4” x 18 unless
modified to incorporate additional functionality.

IAC 21001 - Basic system, a single ouput signal is on while
buttons are held.

IAC 21002 - Single pulse ouput signal, buttons must be
released to reset.

IAC 21003 - Selectable; two output signals by way of
two-position selector switch.  One output signal on at
all times.

IAC 21004 - Selectable output signal by way of three
position selector switch, center position is neutral and
output signal is not on while in neutral position.

IAC 21005 - Flip-flop output signal.  One output signal
is on;  when buttons are pulsed, this output will exhaust
and the other output will activate and remain activated
until the buttons are pulsed again, at which time the
outputs will flip-flop.

IAC 21006 - Selectable three-button control; no output
is on, two output signals.  Master button used in
combination with either output #1 or output #2

IAC 21007 - Dual operator controls; two individual
operators controlling signal to star the control of a
machine.  This system has three control enclosures.

 IAC Series 21000 controls can be integrated into
 air-logic control systems that incorporate timing
 functions for: on, off, and/or sequential operations.

 All of our systems can be customized to your


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