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IAC Air Driven Liquid Pumps/Intensifiers
IAC stocks Standard Air Driven Liquid Pumps, but also works with customers to develop custom units



  • Various Output pressure available, systems can provide up to 80,000 psi intermittent output pressure
  • Self-priming allows for immediate operation
  • Air Drive line lubrication not required
  • Compatible with plain, distilled, or deionized water; all hydraulic fluids; solvents; mild chemicals; and most liquefied aerosol type gases


  • Easy to install and operate
  • Easy to adapt automatic controls
  • High pressure capabilitiy - up to 80,000 psi
  • Hydraulic pressure is held without energy consumption
  • Ideal for stop-start applications under full load
  • Explosion proof - requires no electrical power or connections
  • Compact, lightweight and weatherproof
  • Contamination tolerant
  • Outlet stall pressure pre-determined by the air drive regulator


Typical Applications:

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